How To Properly Store and Preserve Cannabis Strains

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Cannabis is delicate and requires careful storage in order to preserve its flavor, potency, and aroma. It doesn’t matter if you grow your cannabis yourself or buy it from a dispensary. You need to know how to store and preserve it properly. We will be sharing some tips about how to preserve and store your cannabis strains.

Temperature Control: Temperature control is an important factor to remember when you store cannabis. Cannabis should be kept in cool, dry, dark places. Temperature fluctuations can cause THC and other cannabinoids, leading to potency loss. Ideal cannabis storage temperatures should be between 60 and 70 degrees F.

Humidity control: Another important aspect to remember when storing cannabis is the humidity. Too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, which can damage your cannabis. Too low humidity can make your cannabis dry and brittle. This can affect its potency. For cannabis storage, the ideal humidity range is between 59-63%.

Protect your cannabis from airborne contaminants by using airtight containers You have many options when it comes to storing cannabis.

Keep it Dark: Exposure to light can cause cannabis to become brittle over time. You can achieve this by placing it in a cupboard, closet, or any other darkened area of your house.

Avoid freezing: Although it may slow down the process of cannabis degradation, freezing can cause the trichomes in cannabis to become brittle, which can lead to a decrease in the potency and flavor.

Proper storage and preservation is key to maintaining your cannabis strains’ potency, flavor and aroma. When storing cannabis, you need to keep it in a cool, dark place, avoid freezing, and maintain a constant temperature. These tips will ensure your cannabis stays fresh and potent for as much time as possible.

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