Heroin Rehab Treatment

People rarely plan to get addicted to heroin. In many cases, the first step is experimentation with prescription painkillers such as OxyContin or Vicodin, which progresses into heroin abuse when the drugs become too costly or too difficult to score. Whatever the path, once addicted to heroin, life inevitably spirals out of control.

Heroin Rehab

Addicted to Heroin?

People who are addicted to heroin are suffering from a disease characterized by intense drug cravings, chemical changes in the brain and denial. Few will acknowledge a heroin problem because it would mean giving up the thing that matters most to them. The following are a few of the signs of heroin addiction:

  • Impaired mental functioning and disoriented behavior
  • Spending significant amounts of time seeking out and using heroin
  • Loss of interest in friends and activities
  • Failing to fulfill responsibilities at home, school or work
  • Continuing to abuse heroin despite negative consequences

Staging an addiction intervention is one way to help a loved one into heroin rehab. It is difficult for an addict to deny their drug problem when the people they care about most explain the impact of their drug abuse. The most successful interventions have a heroin rehab center lined up in advance so that the intervention culminates in getting help.

Heroin Addiction Treatment Centers Offer:

Heroin addiction treatment is where many addicts find themselves, often after several failed attempts to quit on their own. While every heroin rehab center is different, the following components are typically available:

  • Heroin Detox – Heroin detox helps addicts overcome their physical dependence on the drug in the most comfortable way possible. Under 24-hour supervision, heroin addicts may be given methadone or Suboxone to minimize withdrawal symptoms and control drug cravings, allowing them to participate fully in their program of recovery.
  • Therapy – Individual, group and family therapy help addicts work through the issues underlying their heroin addiction with the support of a trained counselor, peers and loved ones. The emphasis in therapy is often on developing new coping skills and healthier thought and behavior patterns.
  • Self-Help Support Groups – Based on the success of 12-Step programs like AA and NA, many heroin rehab centers teach the 12-Step principles and take patients to 12-Step meetings. These support groups are available anywhere in the world and offer an ongoing support system for those in recovery.
  • Aftercare – Recovery isn’t complete when an addict walks out of a heroin rehab center. In fact, it is just beginning. Because relapse is a persistent risk and it takes time to learn how to live drug-free, heroin rehab centers work with patients to create a relapse prevention plan. Aftercare often includes outpatient treatment, ongoing therapy, or a stay at a transitional living facility or halfway house.

Choosing the Best Heroin Rehab Center

When it’s time to choose a heroin rehab center, a number of decisions need to be made:

  • Residential or Outpatient – Outpatient heroin rehab is typically best for those in the early stages of addiction or those stepping down from residential heroin rehab. If an individual can remain sober without 24-hour supervision and support, outpatient may be sufficient. For most people addicted to heroin, a residential heroin rehab will provide the type of structure and support they need to avoid relapse and focus on their recovery.
  • Location – Residential heroin rehab centers are located throughout the country. While some people prefer to stay close to home, others seek the privacy and retreat of a heroin rehab center in a different locale. Some of the most popular drug rehab destinations are the most inviting. For example, Malibu, California, is popular for its beaches, year-round warm climate and access to the country’s top addiction specialists.
  • Reputation – Heroin rehab centers that have been around for many years, are licensed and accredited, and employ highly qualified staff typically have the best reputations. Research heroin rehab centers online and call a few. You’ll get a sense for what they offer and you may be able to speak with former patients about their experiences.

Heroin Treatment Starts the Path to Freedom

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Heroin rehab is the first step toward a life that is full of the things that really matter: good health, family and friends, and setting and achieving life goals. While it can be difficult to imagine giving up drugs at a time when heroin seems to be the most important thing, trust what many others have discovered: The natural joys in life are truly the best.

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