Here are the Best Methods to Grow OG Kush Cannabis Strain

OG Kush has a long history of being a popular strain that is known for its potent and unique taste. For a successful harvest of OG Kush cannabis, there are a few things you should know. The best methods for growing OG Kush cannabis are listed below.

The Right Growing Environment
OG Kush is able to thrive in a sunny, warm environment. You need to ensure that your environment is stable and has consistent humidity. To replicate the natural light of sunlight indoors, you will need a quality grow light and ventilation to maintain temperature and humidity. Choose a spot that has direct sun and strong winds to grow outdoors.

High Quality Genetics
The genetics of OG Kush are very important. For a vigorous and healthy plant, choose high quality seeds or clones that are sourced from a reliable source. This is a crucial characteristic of OG Kush.

Optimize Your Nutrient & Watering Schedule
OG Kush is a large feeder that needs regular watering in order to flourish. It is important to not overwater as it can cause root rot. For optimal growth and highest yields, you should use high quality fertilizers and adhere to a strict watering and nutrient schedule.

Get your plants trained:
Topping, pruning, and tree trellising training can improve yields and encourage healthy growth. OG Kush plants are naturally bushy so topping or pruning may be necessary to maintain the desired height. You can also support the heavy buds with trellising to prevent them from breaking.

Harvesting at the right time:
When harvesting OG Kush, timing is key. If you harvest too soon, the buds may not be as potent and will lose their flavor. Don’t harvest too early and your THC levels will start to decline. Watch out for trichomes that turn milky white and show a hint amber.

Growing OG Kush is a process that requires precision and commitment to quality. This is how you will reap the benefits of this potent and classic strain.

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