Christian Drug Rehab Programs

A Christian drug rehab program will focus on the religious beliefs of participants and help them understand their path through scripture and Biblical guidance. Some drug rehabs will offer a special Christian track for those who want to focus on their religious beliefs as part of recovery from addiction. Those who have strong Christian beliefs generally do well in programs with a 12-step philosophy, because 12-step programs focus on a belief in a higher power as a way to rebuild your life.

Christian Drug Rehab

Scripture is a guiding force in Christian drug rehabs

Christian Rehabs Focus on Traditional Drug & Alcohol Treatment Techniques

A Christian drug rehab will often use very traditional methods of treatment such as group therapy, but the conversation will be more focused on God and Jesus Christ in those group therapy sessions. For those who find their beliefs about God and Christ central to their lives, these groups will be far more comfortable for them because the others in the group will share their beliefs and they do not have to worry about offending anyone or, conversely, being offended by someone’s objection to their religious talk.

Living Life and Finding Your Individual Christian Beliefs

In a Christian drug rehab scripture often becomes the center of the discussion. The therapist should have a strong understanding of how scripture can be integrated into the therapeutic process because it is still important to use time-honored and evidence-based methods in the treatment of the disease of addiction.  A Christian drug rehab isn’t just about reading scripture and hoping for recovery – it’s about finding how your beliefs as a Christian can drive and motivate you to follow a treatment plan, avoid triggers, and discover joy and peace without the use of mood altering drugs or alcohol.

Family Focused Christian Rehab Treatment

The family is often a strong focus in Christian rehabs because family unity is often critically important to Christian families. It is not a cliche to say that in this case, the family that prays together, stays together. Religious beliefs can be powerful motivators in recovery, not only for the addict, but for his family that wants to stay together and fulfill the commitment they made to God.

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