Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain Growing: Complete Guide

Bruce Banner is a very popular cannabis hybrid that’s known for having high THC levels and strong effects. The strain is a mix of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, and its name refers to the fictional character The Hulk. This guide will show you how to cultivate Bruce Banner cannabis. Pick the Best Growing Medium Bruce Banner can grow in either soil or hydroponics. You need to make sure that the medium retains nutrients and moisture. The best choice is soil, which is both natural and stable for plants. You can create the right environment Bruce Banner is most at home in a humid and warm environment. It is recommended that Bruce Banner grow at 68 to 80°F with 40 to 60% humidity. For healthy growth and prevention of mold and mildew, it’s essential to keep the temperature and humidity constant throughout the entire growth cycle. Provide Adequate Lighting Bruce Banner knows that lighting is essential for cannabis growth. For indoor cultivation, you can choose from high-intensity (HID) lamps or light-emitting (LED), lights. Bruce Banner will need around 18 hours of sunlight per day in the vegetative stage, and 12 hours for the flowering stage. Make sure you choose the best nutrients Bruce Banner must have a healthy nutrient mix that contains potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen and vitamins to thrive. A mix that has a greater concentration of nitrogen in the vegetative stage is preferred, while a mix that is higher in phosphorus or potassium during the flowering phase is recommended. Prune and train your plants The best way to increase the yield of your plants is by pruning and training them. A Fiming or topping the plant in the vegetative phase can increase the lateral growth. A trellis system can also be useful during flowering to help with the support of the buds. Harvesting at the Perfect Time Bruce Banner usually flowers between 8-10 weeks depending on how the environment is growing. Once the plant is harvested, its trichomes (the white parts on the buds) will transform from being clear to becoming milky-white. You want to ensure that the plant is harvested at the best time for maximum potency and flavor. Growing Bruce Banner strains of cannabis requires the proper growing environment, lighting, nutrients and pruning techniques. Harvesting must also be done at the appropriate time. You can harvest this popular and powerful strain with the right care.

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