Author: Michael Smith

Kratom as an Opioid Alternative: Exploring Safety and Efficacy

The ongoing opioid epidemic has prompted individuals, healthcare professionals, and researchers to seek safer alternatives for pain management. Kratom, a botanical substance derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, has gained attention as a potential alternative to opioids. Advocates claim that kratom’s natural origins and purported analgesic properties make it a safer option […]

Psychiatric Medication for Drug Addiction

Addiction professionals disagree about whether sobriety requires a patient to stop using all drugs or alcohol or just those substances that are not prescribed by their clinical team. Whether a particular drug rehab program supports total abstinence or something else is a factor that should be considered when choosing the right program. Psychological Addiction Treatment […]

Drug Treatment Programs

Although residential treatment comes to mind first when thinking about drug treatment programs, drug rehab is really just shorthand for drug rehabilitation and this does not necessarily indicate inpatient treatment. Drug rehabilitation involves different phases of care and treatment, from detox to aftercare to sober living. If you are searching for a drug rehabilitation program […]

Outpatient Drug Rehab

Addiction professionals have long recognized the need for intensive therapy at affordable prices. In recent years, intensive outpatient treatment (IOT) has begun to bridge the gap between traditional inpatient drug addiction treatment and weekly outpatient sessions, providing a cost-effective option for those struggling with addiction. Differences Between Outpatient Rehabs and Inpatient Rehabs Traditional outpatient drug […]’s Approach to Ensuring Safe and Secure Cannabis Transactions

As the cannabis sector grows, it is vital that secure and protected payment processing services are available. is a payment gateway that was specifically created to serve the needs of cannabis businesses. They have a unique approach to ensuring transactions are secure and safe. Here are some key features that uses to ensure […]

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