Author: Jamie Stoick

A Guide to Using’s Payment Gateway for Your Cannabis Business

The cannabis market is rapidly expanding and businesses in the sector need reliable, secure payment processing options to fulfill their customers’ demands. is a great choice for cannabis business owners who need to process payments quickly and efficiently. Here are the steps to make sure you’re using payments gateway for your marijuana business. […]

There are many benefits to using beneficial insects for pest control in cannabis growing

Growing cannabis can pose a serious problem for growers as it can cause damage to entire crops and financial loss. Although there are many chemicals that can control pests, they can cause harm to the environment as well as the plants’ health. Beneficial insects are a natural option. Beneficial bugs are insects that prey on […]

These are Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid While Growing Cannabis

It can be rewarding to grow cannabis. Growing cannabis can be challenging, especially for newbies. The growth process can be complicated and can cause a decrease in yield or total failure. This article will address the biggest mistakes you should avoid while growing cannabis. Overwatering and Underwatering Growers often make the common mistake of overwatering […]

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