Alternative Drug Rehabs

Alternative Drug Rehab

Alternative drug rehabs often incorporate Eastern philosophies

Alternative drug rehab could refer to many types of rehabs, but often refers to the philosophical spirit of a drug rehab treatment program. An alternative drug rehab might combine Native American healing with group therapy and equine therapy for example. Often an alternative drug rehab will be in a natural or unique setting, such as on a ranch or in the wilderness.

Alternative Addiction Treatment Programs Offer Spiritual & Holistic Elements

Alternative addiction treatment is often a good choice for someone who feels alienated by traditional methods, or who has specific spiritual beliefs that they believe are important to their recovery. However, it is still important to embrace some traditional methods of treatment that are evidence-based and have been shown to be effective, such as traditional group therapy.

There are drug rehabs that are hybrids with a strong clinical program with evidence-based practices that also offer alternative therapies and treatments.  These rehabs will offer the latest tools such as biofeedback and EMDR, but will also offer therapies that strengthen the body and spirit, such as yoga and acupuncture. They may also offer Native American rituals such as sweat lodges.  Meditation has been shown to be highly effective in reducing stress and anxiety, so while this might be consider an “alternative” treatment, it is becoming quite common in drug rehabs.

Alternative Drug Rehab

Equine therapy is an effective alternative therapy

Alternative Treatment is Recommended if Traditional Treatment Wasn’t Effective

Equine-assisted psychotherapy is being offered by specialty drug rehabs, and has been shown to be particularly effective for people who are resistant to traditional talk therapy or those who have had multiple failed treatments in the past.

If you have a history of relapse or failed treatments, or if you have left treatment early in the past, you might consider researching alternative drug rehabs to see if you can find a program that will be more effective for you.

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